INTEDOOR Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is an instrument that helps us ensure that the Company’s day-to-day activities and the actions of all its employees are in line with the established principles. It is a set of specific rules based on values and principles held dear by the organisation, defining the standard of professional conduct.

It is an internal Company guideline binding on all its employees.

Presenting the Company

Intedoor is a medium-sized manufacturing family business with a tradition going back to 1999. The Company specialises in bathroom furniture and operates in European markets. It runs two production plants equipped with state-of-the-art production technology.

The mission, values and vision of Intedoor are to generate conditions for the sustainable development of the Company in all aspects of its operations. Intedoor acknowledges its social responsibility and is dedicated to honouring its duties vis-a-vis the state, town and the community where it operates, protecting the environment, keeping fair business relations, safeguarding its employees, their health and safety, and promoting their education, as well as engaging in charitable ventures.

1. General requirements for ethical conduct

1.1 Legal compliance

Legal compliance is at the heart of the Company’s ethical standards. Intedoor follows all applicable Czech laws, regulations, rules and standards at all times.

1.2 Protecting the Company’s reputation

Employees are required to always act with the understanding that they represent Intedoor, and their inappropriate actions or statements could damage or compromise the employer’s reputation.

1.3 Protecting and using assets

Employees shall make sure to safeguard the Company’s assets and ensure the effective use thereof. Theft, irresponsible handling of the assets or wastage have a direct impact on the Company's profit/loss.

The duty of each employee to protect the Company's assets also applies to information and intangible assets. Information and intangible assets include intellectual property, trade secrets, patents, brands, trademarks, business plans and ideas, designs, databases, records, information on wages or undisclosed financial data. Unauthorised use or distribution of such information and intangible assets is a serious violation of the conditions of employment.

1.4 Environmental responsibility

The Company complies with all environmental protection laws. In all its activities, the Company is committed to environmental protection with an emphasis on air protection and increasing energy efficiency. The Company operates in accordance with the ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016 standard, improving its environmental protection system on an ongoing basis. It takes an active part in eliminating the impacts of its business activities and adapts its technological procedures in order to protect the climate by minimising the environmental impact of its production processes. Regardless of their position or title, employees are required to actively promote savings of all types of energy and water, prevent wastage of raw and other materials and sort and dispose of waste in accordance with the applicable laws.

1.5 Representative for the Code of Conduct

The Company’s highest representative for the Code of Conduct (the Ethics Manager) is appointed by the Company's CEO and, along with the Production Director and Operation Managers at the Cvikov and Ralsko plants, they form the Ethics Committee. The Ethics Manager / Executive Officer decides about the corrective action and the follow-up actions to be taken in response to investigations of reported grievances. Managing staff members serve as role models in promoting the desired moral and ethical qualities demanded of other employees and representatives of the Company, and they are responsible for monitoring compliance with the Code of Conduct by their subordinates.

2 Business relations and relations with third parties

2.1 Fair competition and antitrust laws

Intedoor respects and follows the rules of fair and open competition. By their actions, each representative of the Company protects the rules of fair and open competition, and/or prevents and eliminates any situations that may lead to violations of such rules.

The Company's employees must never engage in any practices, including exchange of information with competitors, increasing or otherwise stabilising sales prices in concert with competitors, concluding bid agreements, or other illegal business practices that impede free and open competition, etc.

2.2 Adherence to the principles of the Intedoor’s Code of Conduct by suppliers

Intedoor demands that its suppliers adhere to ethical rules identical to those laid down in this Code of Conduct. It also demands its suppliers confirm this commitment by signing Intedoor's Supplier Code of Conduct.

2.3 Intellectual property of others

Intedoor protects its own secrets and respects the intellectual property rights of others. Employees may not obtain confidential information from other parties in unauthorised ways and they may not disclose it without permission.

2.4 Conflict of interest

Employees must avoid situations implying a risk of a conflict between their personal interests and those of the Company. When dealing with current and potential customers, suppliers, public officials, investors and competitors, employees must act in the best interests of the Company, regardless of their personal benefits.

2.5 Offering or soliciting and providing benefits

Employees must not provide to, or solicit or accept from, any persons or organisations that have a business relationship with the Company (such as customers or suppliers) or the Company’s competitors, any gifts, payments, rewards, services, holiday trips or refreshments, except where the gifts and refreshments are provided or accepted in the context of the job positions of those involved.

3 Relationships with employees

3.1 Respect and loyalty

Having a strong and firm relationship with all its employees, based on mutual respect, loyalty and dignity, is crucial to Intedoor. The conditions of employment offered to employees comply with the requirements set out by applicable laws and conventions.

Intedoor does not engage in any form of child or forced labour.

3.2 Respect and zero tolerance for any form of discrimination

Intedoor will not tolerate any manifestations or forms of discrimination and intolerance based on colour of skin, gender, religion, nationality, age or other differences from the majority society.

3.3 Occupational health and safety

The Company trains its employees in occupational health and safety in accordance with the applicable laws. Employees are required to comply with all safety laws at their workplace and throughout the Company’s sites. They are required to wear the prescribed protective equipment and always proceed in such a way as not to put themselves and other people at risk. The Company is committed to complying with the requirement for regular and periodic medical examinations of all its employees.

3.4 Staff training and career development

Intedoor creates conditions for the educational growth and professionalism of its employees by supporting interest of individuals in self-education and career growth. The Company supports and enables its employees’ free-of-charge participation in specialised courses, training events and events designed to increase their qualifications and to rise through the ranks within the Company and achieve higher job positions.

3.5 Benefits

Intedoor allows all its employees to take an extra 15-minute break during their daily working hours. In the event of a supervening financial hardship, it provides interest-free loans to employees. Where possible, the Company also allows employees to apply flexible working hours and to work from home. Managers are role models of the moral and ethical qualities demanded of other employees and representatives of the Company and they are responsible for monitoring compliance, by their subordinates, with the Code of Conduct.

4 Code violations

4.1 Principles of impunity

The Company will not retaliate against an employee who reports a potential violation of the Code of Conduct. This means the Company will not dismiss or otherwise discriminate, in any way, against an employee who has reported a potential violation of the rules. This does not apply to persons who knowingly make false accusations or intentionally provide incorrect information.

4.2 Investigation into reported grievances

The Ethics Committee will investigate all reported grievances fairly and thoroughly and take appropriate action. It will also make every effort not to reveal the identity of the person reporting the grievance. The same applies if the reporter demands that the Company treat their report as confidential information. Each employee must promptly inform their supervisor of any situation where a conflict of interests may arise. If the employee has doubts or feels they have landed in a sensitive situation, they must inform their superior.

4.3 Code violations

Disciplinary action may be taken against an employee who has violated the Code, in accordance with the law and the Company's internal guidelines. The relevant disciplinary action may also be taken against managers and directors if they violate the Code. The Code is presented to all new employees at the time of hiring, and whenever the Code is updated.

Yvona van Wassem Langerová
Ethics Manager / Executive Officer

Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)

Anti-Corruption Code (PDF)